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Domains: Data Acquisition and Processing (DAP) ; Mobility, Systems & Protection(MSP) ; Human Factors & Medicine (HFM)
Defence research institutions: Royal Military Academy (RMA) ; Queen Astrid Military Hospital (QAMH) ; Defence Laboratories (DLD)

DAP23-08Mobile manipulation for demining, EOD & IED operationsRMADAPINT. AUTON. SYSTEMS & PLATF.2023-10-012027-09-30
MSP23-09Validated Trajectory ToolboxRMAMSPPROT. OF PERS., SYST., AND INFR.2023-10-01 2027-09-30
HFM23-04Isolation and genetic characterization of waterborne microorganisms with the potential of causing outbreaks and/or being used as bioterrorism weapons.DLDHFMADV. MIL. HEALTH2023-09-01 2027-08-31
HFM23-05Development and validation of multiplex LAMP assays for rapid and reliable detection of highly pathogenic biological warfare and bioterrorism agents (CDC Category A) and their integration into the GeneDisc®system.DLDHFMADV. MIL. HEALTH2023-09-01 2027-08-31
HFM23-03Safe and Efficient Autonomous Systems for Military OperationRMAHFMHUMAN SYSTEMS INT. & BEH.2023-09-012027-08-31
MSP23-08Simulation, Modelling and Analysis of Threat Evaluation and Weapon Assignment in the Maritime Theatre (including ballistic missiles and hypersonic threats)RMAMSPPROT. OF PERS., SYST., AND INFR.2023-09-01 2027-08-31
DAP23-07Jet Engine Health Monitoring using Hyperspectral Imaging and Artificial IntelligenceRMADAPBIG DATA2023-08-01 2027-07-31
DAP23-06Artificial Intelligence based RF-detection,
classification and jamming for C-UAS
RMADAPSENSOR DP & FUSION2023-07-01 2027-06-30
DAP23-02Autonomous Cyber Red Teaming SystemRMADAPCYBERSECURITY2023-06-01 2027-05-31
DAP23-04Multi-Agent System for APT DetectionRMADAPCYBERSECURITY2023-06-01 2027-05-31
DAP23-05Artificial IntelligenceRMADAPCYBERSECURITY2023-06-01 2027-05-31
HFM23-01Armed COnflict and DISinformation: Analysing and Strengthening the International Legal Framework against ‘Fake News’ in Conflict SituationsRMAHFMHUMAN SYSTEMS INT. & BEH.2023-06-01 2027-05-31
HFM23-02Belgian Military CasualtiesRMAHFMHUMAN SYSTEMS INT. & BEH.2023-06-01 2027-05-31
MSP23-06SUPERsonic Scale & Sidewall effects on Small-diameter projectilesRMAMSPNOVEL WEAPON SYSTEMS2023-06-012027-05-31
MSP23-04Development of computer-based empirical models for wound ballistics vulnerability assessmentRMAMSPPROT. OF PERS., SYST., AND INFR.2023-06-012027-05-31
DAP23-03AI-Resistant CamouflageRMADAPSENSOR DP & FUSION2023-06-012027-05-31
MSP23-05Carnot Battery for Deployable Operating BasesRMAMSPSUST. NEW GEN. EN. SYSTEMS2023-06-012027-05-31
MSP23-07Studies of Ion Cyclotron Wall
Conditioning aspects in TOMAS device in preparation to W7-X application
RMAMSPSUST. NEW GEN. EN. SYSTEMS2023-06-012027-05-31
MSP22-08In-Service Surveillance of Deployed Ammunition: from Theory to Operations (ISSDA)RMAMSPNOVEL WEAPON SYSTEMS2023-04-01 2027-03-31
DAP23-01Cryptography and quantum technologiesRMADAPCYBERSECURITY2023-03-01 2027-02-28
HFM22-02Impact on Fitness and Lifestyle Behaviors of Telework versus Office Work in the Military Setting QAMHHFMADV. MIL. HEALTH2023-02-01 2026-08-31
HFM21-02Optimization of onsite isothermal screening and 3rd generation shotgun metagenomic methods and their application for the identification of viral and bacterial vector-borne diseases on field trapped vectorsDLDHFMADV. MIL. HEALTH2023-01-01 2025-08-31
HFM21-03Development of a Next Generation Sequencing pipeline applicable to the characterisation of plasmid-mediated pathogenicity of Biological Warfare Agents, as well as clinical and potentially harmful environmental agentsDLDHFMADV. MIL. HEALTH2023-01-01 2025-05-01
HFM22-04An individualized Fatigue Risk Management System for the BEL pilot communityRMAHFMADV. MIL. HEALTH2023-01-01 2026-12-31
MSP23-01Assessment of Static and Dynamic
mechanical behaviour of Additively
Manufactured Metal Alloys
RMAMSPPROT. OF PERS., SYST., AND INFR.2023-01-012026-12-31
MSP23-02Detection of trace amounts of explosivesRMAMSPPROT. OF PERS., SYST., AND INFR.2023-01-012026-12-31
MSP23-03Exploitation of the ICRF antenna on the
stellarator W7-X
RMAMSPSUST. NEW GEN. EN. SYSTEMS2023-01-012026-12-31
HFM22-E01Automated Quality Assessment Using Micro-FluidicsDLDHFMADV. MIL. HEALTH2022-11-01 2023-10-31
DAP21-02Improving TEMPEST Security of Military and Commercial Video Display Units by Developing a Risk Assessment Tool and Developing Effective Countermeasures on the Software- and the Hardware- LevelRMADAPCYBERSECURITY2022-10-01 2026-09-30
DAP22-07High-fidelity simulator for jammers in a complex environment RMADAPCYBERSECURITY2022-09-01 2026-08-31
HFM22-03Ethics and AI. From Moral Virtues to DutiesRMAHFMHUMAN SYSTEMS INT. & BEH.2022-09-01 2026-08-31
HFM22-06Digital Trainer Networks: Fostering Digital Collaboration Among Military TrainersRMAHFMHUMAN SYSTEMS INT. & BEH.2022-09-01 2026-08-31
HFM22-07Do We Match? Using Gamification to Measure Person-Organization Fit and Attract ApplicantsRMAHFMHUMAN SYSTEMS INT. & BEH.2022-09-01 2026-12-31
DAP22-06Human-friendly Control & Artificial Intelligence for Military Drone Operations (HADRON)RMADAPINT. AUTON. SYSTEMS & PLATF.2022-09-01 2026-08-31
DAP22-12Development of a tool to Predict the Performance and the Risk of C-sUAS systems (PPR/C-sUAS)RMADAPINT. AUTON. SYSTEMS & PLATF.2022-09-01 2026-09-01
MSP22-04Quantitative correlation between the dimensions of a firearm and the internal pressure developed by an ammunitionRMAMSPNOVEL WEAPON SYSTEMS2022-09-01 2026-08-31
MSP22-05An Artificial Neural Network Model-Based Engineering Tool for Fast Prediction of Blast Wave Propagation and Interaction in Complex EnvironmentsRMAMSPPROT. OF PERS., SYST., AND INFR.2022-09-012026-08-31
MSP22-07TRACE Analysis of Chemical Warfare Agents and Related Compounds for Technical ExploitationDLDMSPPROT. OF PERS., SYST., AND INFR.2022-09-012026-08-31
HFM22-01The new economic statecraft of China and Russia: challenges, costs, and policy implications.RMAHFMSECURITY & DEFENCE POLICY2022-09-012026-08-31
DAP22-05Distributed Reconnaissance And Mapping system (DREAM)RMADAPBIG DATA2022-08-01 2026-07-31
DAP22-02AI for CyberRMADAPCYBERSECURITY2022-07-01 2026-06-30
DAP22-03Using blockchain to secure the software supply chainRMADAPCYBERSECURITY2022-07-01 2026-06-30
DAP22-13Automated red teaming for cyber range-based trainingRMADAPCYBERSECURITY2022-07-01 2026-06-30
DAP22-04Laser countermeasures to combat ‘smart’ infrared imaging guided threats: [Laser Countermeasures IR]RMADAPSENSOR DP & FUSION2022-06-012026-05-31
DAP21-05Public Regulated Service For Defense (PRS4Def)RMADAPCOMMUNICATIONS2022-04-01 2026-03-31
DAP22-01Beyond Visual Augmented Reality (BeyVAR)RMADAPSENSOR DP & FUSION2022-04-01 2026-06-30
DAP22-16Data-centric Implementation on fast Seafloor Characterization for Innovative Mine Burial Assessment. (DISCIMBA)RMADAPSENSOR DP & FUSION2022-04-01 2026-03-31
HFM21-15Human impact exposure on high-speed boats of the special operations boat unitQAMHHFMADV. MIL. HEALTH2022-01-01 2024-12-31
DAP22-08Study of cryptographic techniques with a focus on practical aspects of symmetric key algorithms and hash functionsRMADAPCYBERSECURITY2022-01-012025-12-31
DAP22-11Consolidation and hardening of digital media steganalysisRMADAPCYBERSECURITY2022-01-01 2025-12-31
MSP21-01Development of biofidelic surrogates for Kinetic Energy Non-Lethal Weapons (KENLW) and Behind Armour Blunt Trauma (BABT)RMAMSPNOVEL WEAPON SYSTEMS2022-01-01 2025-12-31
MSP22-03Development of an effector management moduleRMAMSPNOVEL WEAPON SYSTEMS2022-01-01 2025-12-31
MSP22-01Development and validation of a biofidelic numerical head model for the evaluation of the risk on behind-helmet blunt traumaRMAMSPPROT. OF PERS., SYST., AND INFR.2022-01-01 2025-12-31
DAP22-14SBOS for MCM: Scheduling-based optimization system for MCM operations using unmanned vehiclesRMADAPSENSOR DP & FUSION2022-01-01 2025-12-31
HFM21-04Synergy, real-time optimization of the design of personalized phage cocktail ecology QAMHHFMADV. MIL. HEALTH2021-11-01 2025-08-31
HFM21-10Synthetic PhageQAMHHFMADV. MIL. HEALTH2021-11-01 2024-12-31
HFM21-13A single centre open-label non-inferiority trial to assess the immunogenicity and safety of an intradermal and an intramuscular single-visit dosing regimen of purified chick-embryo cell-culture rabies vaccine in adults.QAMHHFMADV. MIL. HEALTH2021-11-01 2024-12-31
DAP21-08The spectral race in sensor technology and in camouflage developments: Who will win?RMADAPSENSOR DP & FUSION2021-11-01 2025-10-31
MSP21-06New Generation Green Energy Systems: Development and Characterization of Heat and Electricity Production in a BE Defense Base and in a Compound AbroadDLDMSPSUST. NEW GEN. EN. SYSTEMS2021-10-18 2025-02-28
HFM21-06Development of an Adaptive Gas Exchange Model for Decompression Sickness Mitigation in Military Diving and High-Altitude Flying OperationsQAMHHFMADV. MIL. HEALTH2021-10-01 2025-09-30
DAP21-01Long Range Communications and Higher Data Rates using Wideband HFRMADAPCOMMUNICATIONS2021-10-01 2024-09-30
HFM21-09Non-destructive decontamination and new ways of dealing with CBRN contaminated forensic evidence in a laboratoryDLDHFMADV. MIL. HEALTH2021-09-01 2025-08-31
HFM21-05Leaving is the Only Way Out? Voluntary Attrition within the Belgian Armed Forces: A Multimethod Analysis.RMAHFMHUMAN SYSTEMS INT. & BEH.2021-09-01 2025-08-31
DAP21-06Multi-UAV Aided Tactical NetworksRMADAPINT. AUTON. SYSTEMS & PLATF.2021-09-01 2025-08-31
MSP21-02Numerics & Experiments on Low-Speed High-Altitude Wings (NELSHAW)RMAMSPINT. AUTON. SYSTEMS & PLATF.2021-09-01 2025-08-31
DAP21-10HEL for a safe hard kill: fact or myth?RMADAPNOVEL WEAPON SYSTEMS2021-09-01 2025-08-31
DAP21-11Automatic, small-scale sea-floor characterization from high-resolution sonar dataRMADAPSENSOR DP & FUSION2021-09-01 2025-08-31
DAP21-04Automated Artificial Intelligence-based large scale image analysisRMADAPBIG DATA2021-07-01 2025-06-30
DAP21-07Laser Communication and Navigation for UAS in an RF-Denied EnvironmentRMADAPINT. AUTON. SYSTEMS & PLATF.2021-07-012025-06-30
HFM21-12SIMEDIS Battlefield (provide best-practice recommendations for battlefield medical care based on the results of computer simulations)RMAHFMHUMAN SYSTEMS INT. & BEH.2021-06-01 2025-05-31
MSP21-08Novel Energetic Materials Based on Nanoporous Carbonaceous MaterialsRMAMSPNOVEL WEAPON SYSTEMS2021-06-01 2024-12-31
DAP21-09Laser irradiation of Imaging Devices: Effects and Protection (LaserID)RMADAPSENSOR DP & FUSION2021-04-012025-03-31
MSP21-07Estimating breakthrough times of gas filters under more realistic operational circumstanceDLDMSPNOVEL WEAPON SYSTEMS2021-03-01 2025-02-28
MSP21-03Development of an Improved Explosive Device secondary debris Simualting ProjectileRMAMSPPROT. OF PERS., SYST., AND INFR.2021-01-01 2024-12-31
MSP21-04Influence of actual impact conditions versus testing conditions on the efficiency of torso body armour systemsRMAMSPPROT. OF PERS., SYST., AND INFR.2021-01-012024-12-31
HFM20-12Development and Characterization of Smart Textile Systems in the Field of Thermophysiological Comfort: Optimisation of Clothing Systems and Identification of the Impact of Wearing those Clothing Systems on the Operational CapabilityDLDHFMPROT. OF PERS., SYST., AND INFR.2020-12-01 2024-11-30
HFM20-02In Real Life (IRL): Measuring the Cognitive Load of the Network-Enabled SoldierRMAHFMHUMAN SYSTEMS INT. & BEH.2020-09-20 2024-12-31
HFM19-02Réintégration post-déploiement: Décrire, comprendre et prédire les risques psychosociaux liés aux déploiementsRMAHFMHUMAN SYSTEMS INT. & BEH.2020-09-01 2024-12-31
HFM20-03Does the Use of (Semi) Autonomous Weapons Influence military ethics? A multi-disciplinary research on responsibility.RMAHFMHUMAN SYSTEMS INT. & BEH.2020-09-01 2024-08-31
HFM20-07Model for Adaptive Command in Extreme ContextsRMAHFMHUMAN SYSTEMS INT. & BEH.2020-09-01 2024-08-31
MSP20-03Automated take-off and landing of unmanned vehicles from Belgian Navy vesselsRMAMSPINT. AUTON. SYSTEMS & PLATF.2020-09-01 2024-08-31
MSP19-01Propagation of Military Sound (MilSound)RMAMSPPROT. OF PERS., SYST., AND INFR.2020-09-012024-09-30
MSP20-02Near-Field pollutant dispersion due to explosionsRMAMSPPROT. OF PERS., SYST., AND INFR.2020-09-01 2024-08-31
MSP20-04CBRN dispersion and response modeling in the cloudRMAMSPPROT. OF PERS., SYST., AND INFR.2020-09-01 2024-08-31
DAP20-04Julia-based Interoperable Framework for Simulation and Optimisation (JIFSO)RMADAPSENSOR DP & FUSION2020-09-01 2024-12-31
MSP20-05Prevent, Protect and recovery from incident or accident by radiological detection (P²RIARAD)DLDMSPPROT. OF PERS., SYST., AND INFR.2020-08-012024-07-31
HFM20-10The MALARIAAPP study: Compliance to Malaria Prophylaxis in Armed Forces Deployed in Endemic RegionsQAMHHFMADV. MIL. HEALTH2020-07-01 2023-12-31
DAP20-01Security issues related to SS7 and DiameterRMADAPCYBERSECURITY2020-07-01 2024-06-30
MSP19-06Behaviour of laminated glass under the combined effect of fragment and blast impact: the development of a standardized test stupRMAMSPPROT. OF PERS., SYST., AND INFR.2020-07-01 2024-04-30
DAP20-02Artificial intelligence for persistent surveillanceRMADAPSENSOR DP & FUSION2020-07-01 2024-06-30
DAP20-06Estimation of magnetic signatures of sea-mines in an operational contextRMADAPSENSOR DP & FUSION2020-07-01 2024-06-30
HFM19-11Development of custom pilot biosurveillance panels for the identification of biothreat agents combined with the detection of antimicrobial resistance and virulence markers by using NGS technologiesDLDHFMADV. MIL. HEALTH2020-06-01 2024-07-31
HFM20-11RICIn Detection, Identification and Verification of the Biological ActivityDLDHFMADV. MIL. HEALTH2020-06-01 2024-09-30
HFM19-09Sleep and performance optimization in continuous operations: how to support self-management of performance in the SFG?RMAHFMHUMAN SYSTEMS INT. & BEH.2020-06-012024-09-30
DAP20-07Let’s teach Belgium a Cyber lesson - Social Driven Vulnerability Assessment (SDVA) against phishingRMADAPCYBERSECURITY2020-04-01 2024-03-31
MSP19-03Design of a low collateral damage ballistic weapon system for short range LSS UAV neutralizationRMAMSPNOVEL WEAPON SYSTEMS2020-03-01 2024-02-28
HFM20-08Load and Injury Risk during Military Training: Screening & MonitoringQAMHHFMADV. MIL. HEALTH2020-02-01 2023-12-31
HFM19-12Monitoring of bacteria-phage co-evolution during phage therapy of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infected burn woundsQAMHHFMADV. MIL. HEALTH2020-01-01 2023-12-31
DAP20-03Building a multi-agent system for APT detectionRMADAPCYBERSECURITY2020-01-01 2023-12-31
HFM20-06Change Management in Public Sector OrganizationsRMAHFMHUMAN SYSTEMS INT. & BEH.2020-01-012023-12-31
MSP20-01Sea Dumped Ammunition: scientifically based threat, impact and risk analysisRMAMSPPROT. OF PERS., SYST., AND INFR.2020-01-01 2023-12-31
HFM18-03La Défense belge face à la diversité ethnique, au processus de radicalisation et au terrorismeRMAHFMHUMAN SYSTEMS INT. & BEH.2019-10-15 2023-12-31
HFM19-08Counteracting military medical skills fadeRMAHFMADV. MIL. HEALTH2019-10-01 2024-09-30
HFM19-06Making blood available far forward: walking blood bankQAMHHFMHUMAN SYSTEMS INT. & BEH.2019-10-01 2023-10-31
MSP19-08Taylored High Altitude Propellor (THAP)RMAMSPINT. AUTON. SYSTEMS & PLATF.2019-10-01 2023-12-31
DAP18-05Automation of ship-based intelligence gatheringRMADAPSENSOR DP & FUSION2019-09-02 2023-09-01
DAP19-04Artificial intelligence for automated scene understanding for battlefield awarenessRMADAPBIG DATA2019-09-01 2023-08-31
HFM19-07Fight as you train or train as you fight? Developing and integrating "deviation education" as an aviation safety toolRMAHFMHUMAN SYSTEMS INT. & BEH.2019-09-012023-08-31
DAP19-02Study of a tactical level counter-UAS system based on RF detection and smart jammingRMADAPSENSOR DP & FUSION2019-07-012023-06-30
DAP19-05The analysis of combustion plumes through hyperspectral imagingRMADAPSENSOR DP & FUSION2019-04-012023-06-30
DAP19-07Naval environmental data modelRMADAPSENSOR DP & FUSION2019-04-01 2023-03-31
MB-14CFD modeling of CBRN type attacks (release of small particles) in confined spacesRMAMBPROT. OF PERS., SYST., AND INFR.2019-02-04 2023-08-31
MSP19-04Homemade explosives: phlegmatization, detection and post-blast analysis of TATP and HMTDRMAMSPPROT. OF PERS., SYST., AND INFR.2019-01-01 2023-03-31
DAP19-01Toolbox implementation for automated mine-search operationsRMADAPPROT. OF PERS., SYST., AND INFR.2019-01-01 2023-09-30
DAP19-08Enhancing Maritime Situational Awareness with Unmanned Surface Vehicle Swarms in the Fight against Illegal Maritime Traffic RMADAPSENSOR DP & FUSION2019-01-01 2023-12-31
DAP18-04Development and integration of a military augmented reality system for Belgian Defence operationsRMADAPBIG DATA2018-10-01 2023-10-31
HFM18-10Assessment of water quality prior and after decontamination under field conditionsDLDHFMADV. MIL. HEALTH2018-05-01
DAP18-02Vulnerability of mid-wave infrared thermal imaging systems to current and future laser weapon threatsRMADAPSENSOR DP & FUSION2018-02-01 2023-03-31
MSP18-01Characterization of the effects of temperature and ageing on fibre-based materials for ballistic applicationsRMAMSPPROT. OF PERS., SYST., AND INFR.2018-01-01 2023-03-31
HFM18-04The design of effective performance measurement systems for defense and security organisationsRMAHFMSECURITY & DEFENCE POLICY2018-01-01 2023-03-31
MSP18-09Commissioning and exploitation of an ICRH system for the stellarator W7-XRMAMSPSUST. NEW GEN. EN. SYSTEMS2018-01-01 2023-03-31