Research programme

Domains: Data Acquisition and Processing (DAP) ; Mobility, Systems & Protection(MSP) ; Human Factors & Medicine (HFM)
Defence research institutions: Royal Military Academy (RMA) ; Military Hospital Queen Astrid (MHRA) ; Defence Laboratories (DLD)

StudyTitleInstituteDomainFocus areasStart dateEnd date
DAP/17-04Analyse des performances de méthodes de détection de micro-UAV par radar multi faisceauRMADAPCommunications2021-01-012024-12-31
DAP/18-02Vulnerability of mid-wave infrared thermal imaging systems to current and future laser weapon threatsRMADAPSensor Data Processing and Sensor Fusion2018-02-012022-01-31
DAP/18-04Development and integration of a military augmented reality system for Belgian Defence operationsRMADAPSensor Data Processing and Sensor Fusion2018-10-012023-10-31
DAP/18-05Automation of ship-based intelligence gatheringRMADAPSensor Data Processing and Sensor Fusion2019-09-022023-09-01
DAP/19-01Toolbox implementation for automated mine-search operationsRMADAPBig Data2019-01-012022-12-31
DAP/19-02Study of a tactical level counter-UAS system based on RF detection and smart jammingRMADAPSensor Data Processing and Sensor Fusion2019-07-012023-06-30
DAP/19-04Artificial intelligence for automated scene understanding for battlefield awarenessRMADAPBig Data2019-09-012023-08-31
DAP/19-05The analysis of combustion plumes through hyperspectral imagingRMADAPSensor Data Processing and Sensor Fusion2019-04-012023-06-30
DAP/19-06RF-based indoor positioning, navigation and timing (iPoint) systemRMADAPSensor Data Processing and Sensor Fusion2019-09-012022-08-31
DAP/19-07Naval environmental data modelRMADAPBig Data2019-04-012022-03-31
DAP/19-08Enhancing Maritime Situational Awareness with Unmanned Surface Vehicle Swarms in the Fight against Illegal Maritime Traffic RMAMSPIntelligent autonomous systems and platforms2019-01-012022-12-31
DAP/20-01Security issues related to SS7 and DiameterRMADAPCybersecurity2020-07-012023-12-31
DAP/20-02Artificial intelligence for persistent surveillanceRMADAPSensor Data Processing and Sensor Fusion2020-07-012024-06-30
DAP/20-03Building a multi-agent system for APT detectionRMADAPCybersecurity2020-01-012023-12-31
DAP/20-04Julia-based Interoperable Framework for Simulation and Optimisation (JIFSO)RMADAPBig Data2020-09-012024-12-31
DAP/20-06Estimation of magnetic signatures of sea-mines in an operational contextRMADAPSensor Data Processing and Sensor Fusion2020-07-012024-06-30
DAP/20-07Let’s teach Belgium a Cyber lesson - Social Driven Vulnerability Assessment (SDVA) against phishingRMADAP Cybersecurity2020-04-012024-03-31
DAP/21-01Long Range Communications and Higher Data Rates using Wideband HFRMADAPCommunications2021-10-012024-09-30
DAP/21-02Improving TEMPEST Security of Military and Commercial Video Display Units by Developing a Risk Assessment Tool and Developing Effective Countermeasures on the Software- and the Hardware- LevelRMADAPCybersecurity2021-11-012025-11-01
DAP/21-03Waveform Concepts for a European Protected WaveformRMADAPCommunications - Space Technologies2022-01-012023-12-31
DAP/21-04Automated Artificial Intelligence-based large scale image analysisRMADAPSensor Data Processing and Sensor Fusion2021-07-012025-06-30
DAP/21-05Public Regulated Service For Defense (PRS4Def): the project will focus on the definition of testing tools and methodologies in order to support the assessment of PRS added value for defence applications)RMADAPSpace Technologies2021-09-012025-08-31
DAP/21-06Multi-UAV Aided Tactical NetworksRMADAPIntelligent autonomous systems and platforms2021-09-012025-08-31
DAP/21-07Laser Communication and Navigation for UAS in an RF-Denied EnvironmentRMADAPNovel weapon systems2021-07-012025-06-30
DAP/21-08The spectral race in sensor technology and in camouflage developments: Who will win?RMADAPSensor Data Processing and Sensor Fusion2021-09-012025-08-31
DAP/21-09Laser irradiation of Imaging Devices: Effects and Protection (LaserID)RMADAPNovel weapon systems2021-04-012025-03-31
DAP/21-10HEL for a safe hard kill: fact or myth?RMADAPNovel weapon systems2021-09-012025-08-31
DAP/21-11Automatic, small-scale sea-floor characterization from high-resolution sonar dataRMADAPSensor Data Processing and Sensor Fusion2021-01-012024-12-31
DAP/22-01Beyond Visual Augmented Reality (BeyVAR)RMADAPSensor Data Processing and Sensor Fusion2022-04-012026-03-31
DAP/22-02AI for cyberRMADAPCybersecurity2022-07-012026-06-30
DAP/22-03Using blockchain to secure the software supply chain RMADAPCybersecurity2022-07-012026-06-30
DAP/22-04Laser countermeasures to combat "smart" infrared imaging guided threats : [Laser Countermeasures IR]RMADAPNovel weapon systems2022-06-012026-05-31
DAP/22-07High-fidelity simulator for jammers in a complex environmentRMADAPCommunications2022-09-012026-08-31
DAP/22-08Study of crytographic techniques with a focus on practical aspects of symmetric key algorithms and hash functionsRMADAPBig Data2022-01-012025-12-31
DAP/22-11Consolidation and hardening of digital media steganalysisRMADAPCybersecurity2022-01-012025-12-31
DAP/22-13Automated red teaming for cyber range-based trainingRMADAPCybersecurity2022-07-012026-06-30
DAP/22-14SBOS for MCM : Scheduling-based optimization system for MCM operations using unmanned vehiclesRMADAPIntelligent autonomous systems and platforms2022-07-012026-06-30
DAP/22-E01Development of an intrusive Linux capacityRMADAPCybersecurity2022-01-102023-01-01
DAP/22-E02Certification of software for use in military networksRMADAPCybersecurity2022-04-192023-04-17
HFM/17-03Développement de méthodes innovantes pour l’amplification ultra-rapide et la détection spécifique des agents biologiques hautement pathogènes (CBRN) en conditions opérationnelles.DLDHFMAdvanced Military Health2017-09-012022-06-17
HFM/17-05Performance enhancement during flight training: a way to reduce attrition and increase the operationality of flight crews?RMAHFMAdvanced Military Health2017-10-012022-09-30
HFM/18-03La Défense belge face à la diversité ethnique, au processus de radicalisation et au terrorismeRMAHFMHuman Systems and Behaviour2019-10-152022-10-14
HFM/18-04The design of effective performance measurement systems for defense and security organisationsRMAHFMHuman Systems and Behaviour2018-01-012022-12-31
HFM/18-05Monitoring and modeling physical function and performance in military rehabilitationMHRAHFMAdvanced Military Health2018-01-012022-12-31
HFM/18-10Assessment of water quality prior and after decontamination under field conditionsDLDHFMProtection of personnel, systems and infrastructure2018-05-012022-04-30
HFM/19-02Réintégration post-déploiement: Décrire, comprendre et prédire les risques psychosociaux liés aux déploiementsRMAHFMHuman Systems and Behaviour2020-05-012024-04-30
HFM/19-05Simulation engine for military RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) operations with integrated Human factors and standardised test methodologiesRMAHFMHuman Systems and Behaviour2019-01-012022-12-31
HFM/19-06Making blood available far forward: walking blood bankMHRAHFMAdvanced Military Health2019-10-012023-10-30
HFM/19-07Fight as you train or train as you fight? Developing and integrating "deviation education" as an aviation safety toolRMAHFMAdvanced Military Health2019-09-012023-08-31
HFM/19-08Counteracting military medical skills fadeRMAHFMAdvanced Military Health2019-10-012023-09-30
HFM/19-09Sleep and performance optimization in continuous operations: how to support self-management of performance in the SFG?RMAHFMAdvanced Military Health2020-03-012024-04-30
HFM/19-10Du traumatisme organisationnel à la résilience organisationnelleMHRAHFMHuman Systems and Behaviour2019-01-012022-01-31
HFM/19-11Development of custom pilot biosurveillance panels for the identification of biothreat agents combined with the detection of antimicrobial resistance and virulence markers by using NGS technologiesDLDHFMProtection of personnel, systems and infrastructure2019-05-022023-04-30
HFM/19-12Monitoring of bacteria-phage co-evolution during phage therapy of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infected burn woundsMHRAHFMAdvanced Military Health2019-01-012022-12-31
HFM/20-02In Real Life: Measuring the Cognitive Load of the Network-Enabled SoldierRMAHFMHuman Systems and Behaviour2020-09-202024-12-31
HFM/20-03Does the Use of (Semi) Autonomous Weapons Influence military ethics? A multi-disciplinary research on responsibility.RMAHFMHuman Systems and Behaviour2020-09-012024-08-31
HFM/20-06Change in Public Sector OrganizationsRMAHFMHuman Systems and Behaviour2020-01-012023-12-31
HFM/20-07Model for Adaptive Command in Extreme ContextsRMAHFMHuman Systems and Behaviour2020-09-012024-08-31
HFM/20-08Load and Injury Risk during Military Training: Screening & MonitoringMHRAHFMAdvanced Military Health2020-02-012023-12-31
HFM/20-10The MALARIAAPP study: Compliance to Malaria Prophylaxis in Armed Forces Deployed in Endemic RegionsMHRAHFMAdvanced Military Health2020-07-012023-12-31
HFM/20-11RICIn Detection, Identification and Verification of the Biological ActivityDLDHFMAdvanced Military Health2020-06-012024-08-31
HFM/20-12Development and Characterization of Smart Textile Systems in the Field of Thermophysiological Comfort: Optimisation of Clothing Systems and Identification of the Impact of Wearing those Clothing Systems on the Operational CapabilityDLDHFMProtection of personnel, systems and infrastructure2020-01-012023-12-31
HFM/21-02Optimization of onsite isothermal screening and 3rd generation shotgun metagenomic methods and their application for the identification of viral and bacterial vector-borne diseases on field trapped vectorsDLDHFMAdvanced Military Health2021-09-012025-08-31
HFM/21-03Development of a Next Generation Sequencing pipeline applicable to the characterisation of plasmid-mediated pathogenicity of Biological Warfare Agents, as well as clinical and potentially harmful environmental agentsDLDHFMAdvanced Military Health2021-05-012025-05-01
HFM/21-04Synergy, real-time optimization of the design of personalized phage cocktail ecology MHRAHFMAdvanced Military Health2021-09-012025-08-31
HFM/21-05Leaving is the Only Way Out? Voluntary Attrition within the Belgian Armed Forces: A Multimethod Analysis.RMAHFMHuman Systems and Behaviour2021-09-012025-08-31
HFM/21-06GEMINIDS: Development of an Adaptive Gas Exchange Model for Decompression Sickness Mitigation in Military Diving and High-Altitude Flying OperationsMHRAHFMAdvanced Military Health2021-10-012025-09-30
HFM/21-09Non-destructive decontamination and new ways of dealing with CBRN contaminated forensic evidence in a laboratoryDLDHFMProtection of personnel, systems and infrastructure2021-09-012025-08-31
HFM/21-10SynPhage (Synthetic Phage)MHRAHFMAdvanced Military Health2021-01-012024-12-31
HFM/21-12SIMEDIS Battlefield RMAHFMAdvanced Military Health2021-06-012025-05-31
HFM/21-13A single centre for open-label non-interferiority trial to assess the immunogenicity and safety of an intradermal and an intramuscular single visit dosing regimentof purified chick-embryo cell culture rabies vaccine in adults - the SINGLGE R studyMHRAHFMAdvanced Military Health2021-01-012023-12-31
HFM/21-15Human impact exposure on high-speed boats of the special operations boat unitRMAHFMAdvanced Military Health2022-01-012024-12-31
HFM/22-01The new economic statecraft of China and Russia : challenges, costs and policy implicationsRMAHFMSecurity and defence policy2022-09-012026-08-31
HFM/22-02Impact on Fitness and Lifestyle Behaviors of Telework versus Office Work in the Military SettingRMAHFMAdvanced Military Health2022-09-012026-08-31
HFM/22-03Ethics and AI. From Moral Virtues to DutiesRMAHFMHuman Systems and Behaviour2022-09-012026-08-31
HFM/22-04An individualized Fatigue Risk Management System for the BEL pilot communityRMAHFMAdvanced Military Health2022-09-012026-09-01
HFM/22-06Digital Trainer Networks : Fostering Digital Collaboration Among Military TrainersRMAHFMHuman Systems and Behaviour2022-09-012026-08-31
HFM/22-07Do we match ? Using Gamification to Measure Person-Organization Fit and Attract ApplicantsRMAHFMHuman Systems and Behaviour2022-09-012026-12-31
HFM/22-S01Automated Quality Assessment Using Micro-FluidicsRMAHFMAdvanced Military Health2022-09-012023-08-31
INSERT-BDIntegrating NEETs in Society through Employment, Recruitement & Training in Belgian Defence RMA - KULHFMHuman Systems and Behaviour2021-12-012023-12-01
MB/14CFD modeling of CBRN type attacks (release of small particles) in confined spacesRMAMSPProtection of personnel, systems and infrastructure2019-01-012022-12-31
MONAMiniaturized mOtion-triggered eNergy hArvester for wireless communication and battery rechargingFN Herstal - ULgMSPSustainable new generation energy systems2021-12-012023-12-01
MSP/18-01Characterisation of the effects of temperature and ageing on fibre-based materials for ballistic applicationsRMAMSPProtection of personnel, systems and infrastructure2018-01-012022-12-31
MSP/18-06Development of a system-of-systems model for rapid prototyping of kinetic weapon systemsRMAMSPNovel weapon systems2018-01-012022-04-30
MSP/18-09Commissioning and exploitation of an ICRH system for the stellarator W7-XRMAMSPSustainable new generation energy systems2018-01-012022-12-31
MSP/19-01Propagation of military soundRMAMSPProtection of personnel, systems and infrastructure2020-07-012024-04-30
MSP/19-03Design of a low collateral damage ballistic weapon system for short range LSS UAV neutralizationRMAMSPNovel weapon systems2020-03-022024-03-01
MSP/19-04Homemade explosives: phlegmatization, detection and post-blast analysis of TATP and HMTDRMAMSPProtection of personnel, systems and infrastructure2019-01-012022-12-31
MSP/19-06Behavior of laminated glass under the combined effect of fragment and blast impact: the development of a standardized test setupRMAMSPProtection of personnel, systems and infrastructure2020-05-012024-04-30
MSP/19-08Tailored High Altitude Propeller RMAMSPIntelligent autonomous systems and platforms2019-10-012022-12-31
MSP/20-01Sea Dumped Ammunition: scientifically based threat, impact and risk analysisRMAMSPProtection of personnel, systems and infrastructure2020-05-012024-04-30
MSP/20-02Near-Field pollutant dispersion due to explosionsRMAMSPProtection of personnel, systems and infrastructure2020-09-012024-08-31
MSP/20-03Automated take-off and landing of unmanned vehicles from Belgian Navy vesselsRMAMSPIntelligent autonomous systems and platforms2020-09-012024-08-31
MSP/20-04CBRN dispersion and response modeling in the cloudRMAMSPProtection of personnel, systems and infrastructure2020-09-012024-08-31
MSP/20-05Prevent, Protect and recovery from Incident or Accident by radiological Detection (P²RIARAD)DLDMSPProtection of personnel, systems and infrastructure2020-08-012024-07-31
MSP/21-01Development of biofidelic surrogates for Kinetic Energy non-lethal weapons (KENLW) and behind armour blunt trauma (BABT)RMAMSPNovel weapon systems2021-01-012024-12-31
MSP/21-02Numerics & Experiments on Low-Speed High-Altitude Wings (NELSHAW)RMAMSPIntelligent autonomous Systems & Platforms2021-09-012025-08-31
MSP/21-03Development of an Improved Explosive Device secondary debris Simulating Projectile (ISP) RMAMSPProtection of personnel, systems and infrastructure2021-01-012024-12-31
MSP/21-04Influence of actual impact conditions versus testing conditions on the efficiency of torso body armour systemsRMAMSPProtection of personnel, systems and infrastructure2021-05-012025-05-01
MSP/21-06New Generation Green Energy Systems : Development and Characterization of Heat and Electricity Production in a BE Defense Base and in a Compound abroadRMAMSPSustainable new generation energy systems2021-10-012025-10-01
MSP/21-07Estimating breakthrough times of gas filters under more realistic operational circumstancesDLDMSPNovel weapon systems2021-01-012024-12-31
MSP/21-08Novel energetic materials based on nanoporous carbonaceous materialsRMAMSPNovel weapon systems2021-01-012024-12-31
MSP/22-01Development and validation of a biofedelic numerical head model for the evaluation of the risk on behind-helmet blunt trauma (BHBT)RMAMSPProtection of personnel, systems and infrastructure2022-09-012025-12-31
MSP/22-05An Artificial Neural Network Model-Based Engineering Tool for Fast Prediction of Blast Wave Propagation and interaction in Complex EnvironmentRMAMSPProtection of personnel, systems and infrastructure2022-09-012025-12-31
MSP/22-07TRACE analysis of Chemical Warfare Agents and Related Compounds for Technical Exploitation (by a reachback Lab)RMAMSPProtection of personnel, systems and infrastructure2022-09-012026-08-31
SALTOSecure Active Learning for Territorial ObservationsUCL - Oscars S.A. - ISSePDAPSpace Technologies2021-12-012023-12-01
SIC/11Distributed semi-supervised clustering for Advanced Persistent Threats detectionRMADAPCybersecurity2016-10-012022-07-01