Defence-related Research Action (DEFRA)


The Royal Higher Institute for Defence (RHID) is responsible for preparing and implementing the scientific research policy as well as for managing the scientific programme of the Belgian Defence. Since 2021, the RHID launches every year a DEFRA (DEFence-related Research Action) call, in collaboration with the Federal Science Policy (BELSPO), an administrative public service that puts its expertise and technical platforms at the disposal of other federal departments for the purpose of organising scientific programmes.

DEFRA is a multi-year scientific programme with an annual call directed at the Belgian research institutions and industry. It aims to establish R&T partnerships between Defence, academia and the industry in a structured manner and according to the triple helix model, in fields and based on themes considered a priority by Defence. These projects should also act as a leverage for research institutions and the industry to improve their technological level and increase their chances of successfully participating in other programmes, such as the European Defence Fund (EDF).

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