Scientific and technological research

As a “smart hub” and “honest broker” for scientific and technological research, RHID is responsible for the development and implementation of the Ministry of Defence’s policy on scientific and technological research. Within this framework, twelve focus areas have been identified, in which research is actively supported and stimulated.

As an “honest broker”, it manages and facilitates, through the department Scientific and Technological Research of Defence (STRD), the research programme of the Ministry of Defence. This program is reserved primarily for Defence research institutions, but collaboration with other partners is increasingly becoming the norm. A section that would be open to all Belgian universities, research institutions and industry is being prepared.

As a “smart hub”, RHID aims to promote the growth of Belgian scientific and technological research in the field of defence and security, as well as to restore and strengthen the links between administrations, universities and companies at this prospect. It wishes to achieve this, among others, by promoting and facilitating the participation of Belgium and the Belgian Ministry of Defence in international, national and regional research programmes. In addition, the results of research are published annually for a wide audience and colloquia are held regularly.