European Defence Fund (EDF) Infoday

On Friday 10 March, the FPS Economy organised, in collaboration with the Belgian Defence, its EDF (European Defence Fund) National Info Day. The event took place on the campus of the Royal Military Academy, under the aegis of the Royal Higher Institute for Defence. During that day, more than one hundred participants received information about the opportunities offered by this fund.

A representative of the European Commission explained the EDF’s background and how to participate in EDF calls. The participants in the Info Day could also hear the testimony of two Belgian companies that already have concrete experience in terms of EDF calls.

The Belgian Defence was represented by Colonel Jean-Albert LEGROS and Colonel Dirk VANDERREYDT as well as by Lieutenant-Colonel Thierry DAUGE, who shared the Belgian Defence’s vision concerning the EDF. Then, Lieutenant-Colonel Laurent PETIT, representing the GISS (General Intelligence and Security Service), did the same concerning the security aspect.

The EDF provides €8 billion over 2021-2027 for defence research and development in all operational and technological domains (land, sea, air, space, cyber, information, energy, materials, CBRN, etc.) through annual work programmes.

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