As the military operations in the Gaza Strip are about to shift from ‘quasi-high intensity operations’ to a phase of area control, the author proposes to look back on both the initial aggression of 7 October 2023 and the Israeli response as observed up to 22 December.
Regarding the terrorist attack, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of its planning and intentions, without forgetting to underline the circumstances and Israel’s negligence that facilitated its execution. As for the Israeli response, we will try to identify, through the fog of war, its objectives, constraints and implementation. This analysis will highlight several points to bear in mind, particularly with regard to operations in complex areas, the parallel to be drawn with high-intensity warfare and the war of perceptions. It will also broaden our focus, given that this conflict is taking place on the fault line between the interests of both major and secondary powers.

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e-Note 53

7 octobre 2023 : l’attaque perpétrée par le Hamas à partir de la bande de Gaza – Intentions, opérations et implications pour la Belgique et sa Défense

Patrick VERMER