9/11, 2001 foreshadowed a period of more than twenty years of counter-insurgency operations. Russia’s brutal attack on Ukraine on 24 February 2022 unfortunately ushers in a new era for which the consequences cannot be predicted. Based on the military observations of this conflict happening on our doorstep, this ‘wake-up call’ should have us draw the strategic and military lessons that should guide Belgium’s defence choices in the years to come.
After a period of slumbering, marked by the illusion of an unshakeable peace on our continent, the awakening of European countries appears difficult but decisive, since we must now rapidly put in place the military measures needed to ensure security in Europe. Belgium, more than any other country, has a duty to play its part.

e-Note 61

Quels enseignements militaires la Belgique
peut-elle tirer des observations concernant
le conflit en Ukraine ?

Colonel Vincent MANIET

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Research lines: Threats, challenges and strategic responses; Belgium; Eurasia

Source : Ukraine Ministry Of Defense