In this report, we invite you for grasping through a short overview of 51 running or completed research projects from different entities of the Belgian Armed Forces in 2019.
The first ones are presented to you organized by research area. The DAP (Data acquisition and Processing) projects with numbers DAP and SIC, the HFM (Human Factors and Medecine) projects with numbers HFM and RCDM and the MSP (Mobility, Systems and Protection) projects with numbers MSP and MB. They are all funded with budget from the RHID. Many of them, if not the majority, are conducted in collaboration with or as a national contribution to NATO STO or EDA projects since international cooperation is much stimulated.
Next are projects conducted under the auspices and with operational budget of the Military Hospital Queen Astrid. Many of them are oriented towards operational medicine.
To conclude you will find a number of projects run by Patrimony of RMA. Some of them like the TRIVALENT project are funded as part of an EU project H2020, others like SOLOMON are the BEL input to a PADR (Preparatory Action on Defence Research) EU project. The LLP project undertaken by the department of physics is fundamental fusion research for clean energy in the future.
For more information on any of these projects, contact can be taken with the director or the researcher of these studies.

Scientific Research
in the Belgian Defence Forces
The military scientific research report 2019

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