A founding member of various international organisations, Belgium intends to be a “reliable, serious and solidary” partner, actively participating in the United Nations’ efforts to maintain international peace and security. Africa, and Central Africa in particular, is historically at the heart of Belgium’s political and private interests. Since the end of the Cold War, Africa has also become the epicentre of multilateral peacekeeping operations: not only does it concentrate the largest number of operations – both UN and EU operations as well as operations of regional organisations – but also the largest operations in terms of deployed personnel. Almost seventy-five years after the election of Paul-Henri Spaak, then Belgium’s Foreign Minister, as the first President of the UN General Assembly, what is the status of Belgian contributions to multilateral initiatives on the Black Continent?

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Research lineSahel and Sub-Saharan Africa

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Security & Strategy 148

La Belgique et le multilatéralisme en Afrique : entre rhétorique et pratique