Visit, 18 October 2023

On 18 October, the auditors were invited to the FPS Foreign Affairs and the cabinet of Defence.
At the FPS Foreign Affairs, we received interesting briefings on “new challenges for multilateralism” and on “Belgian support for Ukraine”.
The first part ended with a lunch offered by the Foreign Affairs Department, after which we headed for the cabinet of our minister of Defence.
After an introduction by Brigadier General An-Roos De Potter, Minister Ludivine Dedonder presented us with some files of particular importance to the Belgian Defence, such as the STAR plan and the Defence, Industry and Research Strategy (DIRS), in which the RHID, incidentally, plays a key role. The minister then openly answered all our Defence-related questions.
This informative day was concluded with a drink at the lounge of the cabinet.
Session 2023-2024