A training course organised by the Royal Higher Institute for Defence with the support of the Royal Institute for International Relations – Egmont

Seminars: dates 2023-2024

1st Sem 08-09 September 2023: Belgium
2nd Sem 13-14 October 2023: Key Factors and Tendencies in World Politics
3rd Sem 17-18 November 2023: Instability factors I
4th Sem 15-16 December 2023: Instability factors II
5th Sem 19-20 January 2024: The European Union
6th Sem 09-10 February 2024: Superpower Politics
7th Sem 15-16 March 2024: Crisis zones – (1) Former Soviet Union
8th Sem 19-20 April 2024: Crisis zones – (2) the Southern Neighbourhood and the Middle East
9th Sem 24-25 May 2024: Crisis zones – (3) Africa
10th Sem 21-22 June 2024: Summary, Conclusions and Evaluation

Practical details

Where? Brussels.
When? From September 2023 to June 2024, once per month from Friday 9 a.m. until Saturday 6 p.m. The auditors are accommodated on-site.
Costs? 1950 € (for non-Defence participants).

Use of languages

The auditors use their mother tongue (French or Dutch). The speakers use French, Dutch or English. A more than passive knowledge of these three languages is therefore essential.

Chatham House Rule

The participants must adhere to the non-attribution policy in order to allow everyone, whether participant or speaker, to express his real views.

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