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Within the framework of the Belgian presidency of the Council of the European Union (BE EU Presidency), the Royal Higher Institute for Defence (RHID) and the Centre for Security and Defence Studies (CSDS) organise a seminar that will delve into maritime security in four major areas of interest for European countries: the North Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea at the periphery of the continent, as well as the Gulf of Guinea. The analysis of each of these areas will focus on a prevailing regional issue with a view to inspiring us on measures to be taken.
At an historical turning point in the current, increasingly challenging and rapidly evolving international order, European countries are compelled to urgently adapt their security policies and strengthen their defence capacities, including in the maritime domain. These matters require objective visions and guidelines, regional and transregional cooperation, national efforts as well as resources, all at the same time. To this purpose, experts will share their thoughts on critical infrastructures in the North Sea, on immigration and transnational crime in the Mediterranean Sea, on the Black Sea as a vital crossroad of straits and estuaries and, finally, on piracy in the Gulf of Guinea. These four geographical areas will be treated from several angles: geopolitics, strategy, diplomacy, economy, law, intelligence, military and human domain, vulnerabilities, hybrid threats, resilience and technology.

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Language: English
Simultaneous interpretation in Dutch and French

16 April 2024, 9:00 – 17:40
> 8:30 – Registration
> 9:00 – Seminar
> 17:40 – Reception

Campus Renaissance
Rue Hobbema, 8
1000 Brussels