A new coat of arms for the High Studies for Security and Defence

The High Studies for Security and Defence (HSSD) have officially from now on a new coat of arms, designed and drawn by Prof. Dr Msc Eng Derrick Gosselin (12th session HSSD) as the new badge of the 4th cycle. Officially recognised by the competent Defence authorities after a formal approval process in due form, this coat of arms will henceforth be used as a logo by the HSSD. This new badge had been circulating among the members of the association “Cercle Athena” for some time in the form of a small “pin” to be pinned to the lapel of the civilian jacket. For the 4th cycle alumni in uniform (military, police, customs), it is now also available in a larger format (height 25 mm), to be pinned on the uniform jacket (service dress or gala dress) on the right side at chest height, in replacement of the old badge. Alumni in uniform who have not yet received it are invited to send an email to IRSD-HSD@mil.be.

Here is the heraldic description of the coat of arms and the symbolic meaning of the various elements represented on it:

« Per fess embattled Gules and Sable, the line of partition Or. An owl Or surmounting, in its dexter paw a sword Argent hilt Or and in its sinister paw a lictor’s fasces proper bound Gules, the axe Argent. The shield ensigned by a Belgian Royal Crown. Motto: “CONIUNGO COGITO ET PROTEGO” in letters Sable on a scroll Argent. ».

Our new coat of arms represents an owl, symbol of intelligence and wisdom, protecting both the King (represented by the Belgian Royal Crown) as well as Belgium (the black wall represents the borders of our country) by bringing together Defence, Police, civilian and military Intelligence Services (sword) with the Civil, Judicial, Administrative and Economic forces (bundles of rods) in reflection and study. This union is strengthened by the motto: I unite, I think and I protect.