While the war Russia is waging against Ukraine encompasses a strong cyber dimension, it does not seem to play a significant role in the operations. It has nevertheless become a new classic example the EU and NATO should take account of. Never before has cyber been used as a weapon in such a constant and sophisticated way during high intensity conflicts. While it is obviously impossible to draw final conclusions on the role of cyberoperations in the Russia-Ukraine war, we can already reflect upon several elements. First of all, defending information and communication systems appears to be essential for countering cyberattacks. Second, non state actors (or semi-state actors) – such as the Big Five and other technology giants, but also groups of hacktivists – should play an increasing role in conflicts, thereby strengthening their dominant position in the cyber landscape of warfare. Finally, ‘interferences in information space’ currently take the form of a real-time reconfiguration of digital networks in conquered territories.

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Research lines: Threats, challenges and strategic responses; Europe

e-Note 49

La cyberguerre en Ukraine : quelques enseignements pour l’OTAN et l’UE