Researcher of the Centre for Security and Defence Studies

Threats, challenges and strategic responses ; Belgium


Air force Captain-commandant (OF-3) Estelle Hoorickx is a Doctor of Contemporary History from Université de Namur (UNamur). She also holds a postgraduate degree in French foreign language (UCL), and a master in theology (Faculty of Protestant Theology in Brussels).

From 2001 to 2005, she taught history and French at the Alliance française Bruxelles Europe, at the European Commission and in secondary education schools. She was then also in charge of a research mission at the UCL. In 2005, she joined the Belgian Armed Forces and started a military training at the infantry school in Arlon. She became Force Protection squadron commander in the 15th Air Transport Wing in 2006 and took part in a mission in Kabul in 2008. She then became military assistant in the Chair of History of the Royal Military Academy, where she notably taught a course on “History of air warfare” until September 2016.


Terrorism and hybrid threats ;
Belgium, the NATO and the Atlantic strategy ;
The role of Belgium in the Cold War.


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