Researcher of the Centre for Security and Defence Studies

Defence capabilities and technologies ; Europe ; Transatlantic relations


Graduated in “Advanced Studies in Political Sciences” (option: international relations) from the Catholic University of Louvain, Alain De Neve is a researcher specialised in technological development issues in the field of defence within the Centre for Security and Defence Studies (CSDS). He devotes his studies to the following specific domains: technological innovation in the field of defence, armament industry and aerospace sector. Read more


Weapons of mass destruction and risks of proliferation
Cybersecurity and integrity of military digital networks
Critical infrastructure protection
Challenges related to militarisation and weaponisation of space
Energy security
Developments in the field of drones and military robotics in general
Industrial, strategic, political, legal and ethical challenges of artificial intelligence as well as its impact on geopolitical balances

In the press

De Neve, Alain. « La Finlande achète un système de défense antimissile à Israël : un message pour la Russie, l’Otan… et l’industrie d’armement européenne. » Interviewé par Marine Lambrecht. RTBF, 13 novembre 2023.