7th Seminar, 18-19 Feb 2022

On Friday 18 and Saturday 19 February, the auditors of the sixteenth session of the High Studies for Security and Defence have gathered for their seventh seminar, after another interruption of three months. The seminar entitled “Crises zones: the eastern neighbourhood: Russia and its sphere of influence”. After a first presentation on Russian military thinking and a lecture on EU Russian relations, the following question has been discussed: “Is Cold War 2.0 Our Best Available Option?” Furthermore, Russia’s sphere of influence at its borders has been analysed: the Caucasus, China, Central Asian countries, Moldova, Belarus and of course, highly topical at the moment, Ukraine. Lastly, the auditors were given the opportunity to debate during a World Café session on the potential consequences of these evolutions for our security and peace in Europe.
Session 2020-2021