9-11 September 2021 – Instability
factors II

13-14 November 2020 – Instability factors I
16-17 October 2020 – Key factors and tendenciess
16 September 2020 – Visit to the Defence Headquarters in Evere
11-12 September 2020 – Basic principles

Seminars to come

5th Seminar: The European Union
6th Seminar: Major world poles
7th Seminar: Crisis zones: (1) Eastern Europe : Russia and its sphere of influence
8th Seminar: Crisis zones: (2) the Southern neighbourhood and the Middle East
9th Seminar: Crisis zones: (3) Africa
10th Seminar: Summary, conclusions and evaluation

The dates retained are: 15-16 October, 19-20 November, 17-18 December 2021, 14-15 January, 18-19 February and 18-19 March 2022.

Ten visits to institutions active in the sector of security and defence in Belgium complete the HSSD, for example the Parliament, the Defence General Staff, the Federal Police, NATO, the EU and a selection of private companies.