European Defence Fund (EDF)

On Wednesday 30 June 2021, the European Commission announced the adoption of the Annual Work Programme for the European Defence Fund (FED). This will launch 23 calls for proposals, worth €1.2 billion from the European Union. Two thirds of these are planned for development projects, one third are allocated to research projects. 8% of the budget will be spent on disruptive technologies and the work programme provides ‘open calls’ where consortia can propose a project themselves. As under the pilot programmes EDIDP and PADR, consortia consisting of different entities coming from different Member States are invited to submit proposals.
On 15 July, the Commission will publish the Guide for Applicants with detailed information to participate in a project. The calls will be officially opened on 9 September and an information day organised by the Commission will follow on 15 September. The Model Grant Agreement will also be published around this time. The deadline for submitting project proposals is 9 December.
Belgian entities have already proven to be highly competitive in the EDIDP pilot programme. For the 2019 programme we counted 13 Belgian winning participations, for 2020 this number was even 19. In order to continue this success, we want to encourage as many Belgian entities as possible to consider participating in a consortium.
Information on the EDF, the conditions of participation and the evaluation criteria can be found on the website of the FPS Economy. Entities wishing to participate in the EDF are always strongly recommended to contact the FPS Economy ( or +32 2 277 75 15) and/or Defence (