Vladimir Putin’s announcement on 21 September of a “partial mobilisation” of Russian citizens capable of fighting was also an opportunity for the master of the Kremlin to remind that he would use “all available means” to “defend Russia”. This new warning has rekindled concerns among Western countries about Russia’s use of nuclear weapons – and more precisely, about the possibility of the use of tactical nuclear weapons.
The return of the nuclear threat to the continent is reminiscent of the darkest hours of the Cold War. The scenarios arising from a possible use of nuclear weapons by Russia are multiplying without relying on in-depth analyses of Russia’s doctrine on the use of nuclear weapons or knowledge of the country’s nuclear military capabilities. The purpose of this e-Note is to partially fill these gaps through a close study of the known elements of Russia’s nuclear doctrine and an inventory of its nuclear strike capabilities.

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Research lines: Security and defence architecture ; Defence capabilities and technologies ; Eurasia

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e-Note 42

 How seriously should we take
Russia’s nuclear threat?