A training course organised by the Royal Higher Institute for Defence with the support of the Royal Institute for International Relations – Egmont

Seminars: dates 2022-2023

1st Sem 09-10 September 2022: Belgium
2nd Sem 14-15 October 2022: Key factors and tendencies
3th Sem 18-19 November 2022: Instability factors I
4th Sem 16-17 December 2022: Instability factors II
5th Sem 20-21 January 2023: The European Union
6th Sem 10-11 February 2023: Superpower Politics
7th Sem 17-18 March 2023: Crisis zones – (1) Former Soviet Union
8th Sem 21-22 April 2023: Crisis zones – (2) the Southern neighbourhood and the Middle East
9th Sem 26-27 May 2023: Crisis zones – (3) Africa
10th Sem 23-24 June 2023: Summary, conclusions and evaluation

Selection process

Applications, in the form of a CV and a letter of motivation using the online form.
Registration opening: November 2021.
Registration closure: 31 January 2022 at 11.59 p.m.
Selection interviews from December 2021 to February 2022.
Selection by the HSSD steering committee in late April 2022.
Auditors list approval in June 2022.

Registrations are closed

Practical details

Where? Brussels.
When? From September 2022 to June 2023, once per month from Friday 9 a.m. until Saturday 6 p.m. The auditors are accommodated on-site.
Costs? 1050 € (for non-Defence participants). Amount to be confirmed

Use of languages

The auditors use their mother tongue (French or Dutch). The speakers use French, Dutch or English. A more than passive knowledge of these three languages is therefore essential.

Chatham House Rule

The participants must adhere to the non-attribution policy in order to allow everyone, whether participant or speaker, to express his real views.

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