Over the last ten years, “hybrid attacks” on Western democracies have increased in number and have become more diversified. The “vaguer” geopolitical context, new technologies and interdependence between states promote the use of hybrid tools and amplify their effects. However, identifying the perpetrator of a hybrid attack remains difficult due to its ambiguous nature. While our open economy and democratic values are part of our strengths and prides, they are also points of vulnerability. Electoral periods as well as times of social tensions, geopolitical crises or climate emergency too are periods of risk.
We must protect and defend our communication tools, our critical infrastructure, our economy and our values. Only a sustained and joint effort of the European Union and the other democracies, involving all our civil societies, can protect us in the long term against hybrid threats.

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Research lines: Threats, challenges and strategic responses; Europe; Eurasia;
Defence capabilities and technologies

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e-Note 54

Hybrid Threats: What are the Challenges
for our Democracies?