In this e-Note, the author provides an analysis of operation “True Promise”, initiated by Iran on the night of 13-14 April in response to the alleged Israeli attack on its embassy in Damascus. The operation marks a pivotal shift in Iran’s military strategy as it openly targeted Israel with a barrage of drones, cruise and ballistic missiles and represents a new phase in missile warfare by leveraging quantity to overwhelm missile defence systems.
The author also details the multinational defence efforts led by the US to shield Israel from the attack, underscores the significant contributions of Israel’s multi-layered missile defence system, which successfully intercepted the majority of the incoming threats, sheds light on the delicate balance of powers and the intricate web of alliances in the Middle East, analyses the broader geopolitical implications of the operation and examines the motivations behind Iran’s military actions and the subsequent international response.

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Research lines: Defence capabilities and technologies; Middle East and North Africa

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e-Note 58

Shielding the Skies: A Comprehensive Look
at Operation “True Promise”
and the Coalition Defence Effort