The sea has always been of critical importance for great powers to prosper. Controlling it and being able to deny its access to the enemy entails strategic consequences that are becoming increasingly important in a radically changing economic and geostrategic environment. While the United Kingdom does no longer dominate the seas as it did in the beginning of the 20th century, it intends to remain a first-rate naval power, endowed with power projection capabilities in order to protect its strategic, economic and territorial interests. The Royal Navy is entirely and logically in line with the post Brexit ‘Global Britain’ strategy that aims at putting the United Kingdom back on the podium on the world stage, and it is the largest beneficiary of the strategic orientations laid down in the British defence review (The Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy), published by the British government in March 2021. Furthermore, Brexit should strengthen the rapprochement between the United Kingdom and NATO, as well as its ties with the Commonwealth and already existing alliances.

Does ‘Global Britain’ herald the rebirth of British naval power? Which geostrategic ambitions would the Royal Navy like to see fulfilled by 2040? Does the AUKUS pact with the United States and Australia entail that the Royal Navy will help to contain China’s power in the Indo-Pacific? What about the naval cooperation with European partners? Could new areas of cooperation between the British and Belgian navies possibly emerge?

In order to provide an answer to these questions, we are pleased to welcome Dr Sidharth KAUSHAL, researcher on naval and defence issues in the Military Sciences Research Group at RUSI (Royal United Services Institute, London), who will present us his analysis on the British naval power and its geostrategic position on the international scene.

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Research lines: Security and defence architecture ; Threats, challenges and strategic responses ; Belgium ; Europe

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Evening conference

Naval Power and Geostrategic Perspectives: The British Example

Doctor Sidharth KAUSHAL

Moderator : Estelle HOORICKX

Language: English
Simultaneous Interpretation in
Dutch and French

14 October 2019, 17:00 – 18:30
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> 18:30 – Reception

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Doctor Sidharth KAUSHAL

Campus Renaissance
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